Megalithic Spheres of Costa Rica and Around the World – presented by Hugh Newman

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1. Lecture 54m   2. Extra Feature 11m    Date: May 2013

Hugh Newman recently travelled to Costa Rica to explore the enigmatic stone spheres that have been discovered there over the last century. Ranging from the size of footballs to 9ft in diameter, and often perfectly carved, these spheres have left archaeologists and researchers baffled as to who built them, how and why. The opening scene of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ showed Indiana Jones running down a tunnel to escape from one of them, but rather than a booby-trap set by the ancients, it has been revealed that these may have been more to do with geomancy, navigation, alignments and astronomy. Hugh will look at other similar spheres that have been discovered around the world and give an historical overview of the strange ‘marbles of the gods’.

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