Ancient America: The Megaliths of New England – Hugh Newman

Lecture 58.47 mins. Release date: November 2009

Hugh Newman explores the rich megalithic culture of New England. The northeastern states of America have a remarkable amount of megalithic structures with some that go back to over 4000 years. Vermont has numerous rock chambers and standing stones that form an archaeoastronomical complex over a broad area. New York state has a mix of earthen mounds, megalithic chambers, giant dolmens and the homestead of Rob Roy, who constructs modern megalithic monuments in his front garden. New Hampshire boasts “America’s Stonehenge”, another archaeoastronomocal complex that stretches back to neolithic times along with a nearby ovoid stone circle and several more chambers. On the coast of Rhode Island, the famous Dighton Rock, with bizarre petroglyphs and images sits inside a newly constructed museum. In Massachusetts, a strange “hill that roars” sits near a selection of megalithic chambers, cairns and mounds of ancient origin. New Jersey, Maine and Connecticut also have numerous ancient sites that cannot be explained by traditional archaeology of North America. There is abundant evidence that this part of the US was visited by advanced civilisations in prehistory that are restored in many of the ancient legends of the area. Hugh explores these theories in detail in a presentation that gives a broad new view of the origins of ancient America.

Filmed at the Stars & Stones Forum in 2009. Copyright Megalithomania 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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